July 23, 2018 | 6:24 AM

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Abibirim Radio, streaming music non-stop

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Maine teachers helping school children in Ghana

ME_GHIn recent years most African migrants to the US in pursuit of education are not able to return because their respective governments are unable to make provision to support their highly skilled professions. Maine teachers however have found an investment interest in Ghana, a West African county and have been returning every year to offer their professional services. read more

Live and work in the United States

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Welcome to the redesigned Abibirim Network

Thank you for taking time to visit and we hope that your experience of the new site is both familiar and better. The new Abibirim team believe that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and we are using a two way stream to inform, communicate, entertain and engage in discussion.

Our small team of volunteers believe that information sharing is a key to successful and community development. This is why, it is never too early or late and we appreciate any feedback that you can provide us. Use the contact us tab in the menu to send us message or add comment below at any time.

It's a new kind of radio

With the development of communications, millions of people expect instant access to information and images everyday. However, with time constraint, millions of people also don't have time to read through 1,000 articles or, be at a particular place to access information.

Abibirim Radio is here to help and believes in transmitting information to diverse population worldwide. The network uses traditional and emerging tools of journalism, advertising, public relations and multimedia to gather and process professionally oriented program with focus on mobility.

It is the long-term goal of Abibirim to become the preferred medium for accessing authentic traditional Ghanaian music and, thoroughly researched information as accessing information and news is breaking new horizons.